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Advising top-tier tech companies on fundraising and M&A

Achieving edge through insights and lasting partnerships

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Employee in a leading Nordic tech boutique corporate finance firm experiencing the entire journey from inception through a successful exit to EY


Years of experience as corporate finance advisor to top-tier tech companies


Transaction value (EUR) for tech companies advised

Elevate your growth journey with KPH 31

Drawing from my experience I achieve edge through insights and lasting partnerships as your dedicated corporate finance advisor, contributing to the enduring success of tech companies. Whether you are navigating funding rounds or exploring M&A, my tailored advisory services ensure a strategic and personalized approach. Working with a select number of clients allows me to commit fully, tailoring advice to your unique needs.

Gain ongoing visibility into investor sentiment and how your performance shapes valuation. Elevate your fundraising or exit strategy, highlighting and fortifying your company's distinctive qualities for optimal outcomes.

Ready to shape your growth story? Let's talk. 


KPH 31 - A decade in the making

Poul Kotiah Hanse | KPH31

Welcome to KPH 31, where a decade of experience converges into a boutique corporate finance firm. Founded at the close of 2023, KPH 31 is the culmination of my 10-year journey advising top-tier tech companies on fundraising and M&A processes. Drawing on a wealth of insights, I carve a distinct edge in the corporate finance landscape, fostering lasting partnerships that transcend transactions. As the founder, I bring a legacy of steering transactions totaling over EUR +500M, a testament to the tailored expertise that defines KPH 31.


A selection of tech companies strategically advised in fundraising and M&A processes

inne | KPH31
Soundbooks | KPH31
Ziik | KPH31
Ocean | KPH31
Learningbank | KPH31
Penneo | KPH31
Stykka | KPH31
Anyday | KPH31
Workfeed | KPH31
Adent | KPH31
Cardlay | KPH31
Atobi | KPH31
Paperflow | KPH31
Peppy Pals | KPH31
Practio | KPH31
“Poul has helped us raise all funding rounds since the founding of SOUNDBOKS. He's an excellent partner, who puts his heart and soul into his work and the companies that he works with.'"
Jesper Theil Thomsen | KPH31

Jesper Theil Thomsen,

CEO and Co-Founder at SOUNDBOKS


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