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Uncharted territory in startup investing

In light of the launch of KPH 31, I shared my market perspective in a FINANS article about the lack of cash flowing toward tech startups that aren't obsessed with sky-high growth and instead boast profitability with a moderate growth profile - showing signs of blossoming into the next big thing. Within the Danish tech realm, there's a thrilling opportunity for investors to step into the spotlight, moving beyond the fascination with 'unicorns' and billion-dollar dreams and embracing a more practical and engaging investment approach. I am referring to an uncharted territory in startup investing - a sweet spot for backers who do not adhere to the venture capital mantra of growth at any cost. Even though venture capital is a very important growth driver in the tech ecosystem, I believe there is a big market waiting to be tapped for those who dare to break away from the conventional and catch those promising and overlooked gems who are currently slipping through the gaps.

To read the full article on FINANS click here.


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